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Health Resort ZNP
Addressul. Lorentowicza 6
Phone number54 283 60 98
54 416 27 71..4

Our Sanatorium accepts individual persons as well as organized groups of persons from works, institutions and various organizations. For groups of persons there is a possibility to agree a special program of sojourn.
We have at our disposal a hotel base of high standard - with 1-, 2-, and 3- person rooms fully equipped with bath, lavatory and WC- installations (280 places altogether). The rooms are also equipped with telephones, wireless and TV-sets (31 channels of cable TV).
We are providing daily fare with allowances for low-calorie and low-cholesterol diets.
We are conducting cultural- and amusement activities in our own café and spectacle-room, as well as touring and sightseeing activities in form of walking and bus excursions.
The Sanatorium has also it's own library with a more than 5-thousand-collection of books, a car park and Tennis-courts.

The main profile of our Sanatorium is treatment of:

Cardiovascular system diseases, i.e.:

  • coronary arterial diseases
  • post-heart infarction states
  • arterial hypertension in 1st and 2nd period
  • atherosclerotic hardenings of limb arteries

Respiratory system diseases, i.e.:

  • chronic vasomotor regressive inflammation of pharynx, larynx and trachea
  • chronic inflammations of auditive tube
  • upper respiratory tract infections

Orthopaedic and traumatic diseases, i.e.:

  • post-bone-fracture healing states
  • post joint and copula-cartilage capsule traumatic states with considerable limitation of motion
  • post-traumatic limb scars

Nervous system diseases:

  • flaccid paresis' caused by spinal column and spinal cord trauma or by inflammatory state of nerves.

These diseases are treated by following kinds of procedures:

In our Sanatorium following procedures are carried on:

  • individual and special inhalations,
  • four -chamber-baths
  • manual and vibratory massages
  • rotary massages of limbs
  • paraffin compresses
  • diadynamic currents
  • short-wave-diathermy
  • ultrasound, iontophoresis
  • sollux and quartz lamp
  • therapeutic gymnastics, collective and individual exercises
  • shower baths and under-water massage
  • carbonic acid baths, pearl baths and brine baths
  • four-chamber baths
  • peat compresses
  • magneto-, lasero-, and cryotherapy

In the Health-Resort following procedures are carried on:

  • brine baths in swimming-pool including gymnastic exercises.

The course of therapy is supervised by highly qualified medical personnel.
We are providing a day and night medical and nursing attendance.
The most beneficial for obtaining good therapeutic effects is a 24- days' long treatment cycle. On patient's desire the sojourn can be prolonged or shortened by any number of days. Within the cost's limit we are ensuring 2 treatment procedures.

Moreover we are offering in our Conference Centre the possibility to organize conferences and schoolings in 3 conference rooms: one room for 130 persons and two rooms for 35 persons each. The rooms are equipped with a complete audiovisual set of means.
According to opinion of majority of our hitherto patients expressed by inscriptions into the "Golden Book", a pleasant and amicable atmosphere created by personnel employed is ruling here.


Health Resort Sanatorium ZNP
87-720 Ciechocinek, ul. Lorentowicza 6
phone +48(54) 283 60 98, 416 27 71..4
fax +48(54) 283 60 98


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